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This bathing suit. I had a bachelorette celebration where we all wore black and the bride wore white, and I had every color bathing suit BUT black. I ordered this one-piece and if you are a member of the IBTC (#teamnoboobs), it is insanely flattering. The belt is so cool and makes it look so […]


My 5 Favorite Amazon Buys in July

To (try to) be flexible. Life does not give two craps about your plans, and there’s nothing we can do about that. I’d venture to say we’ve all had our plans changed / canceled / obliterated recently, and it sucks. I’m trying (key word here) to be more flexible and focus on being thankful for what I […]

What I'm Learning

What June Taught Me.

Holy accidental hiatus, batman.  I didn’t plan to take so much time off, but I did, so I’m jumping back in the best way I know how – catching up with a cup of coffee. Two things:  Your mental health has to come before anything else, because you can’t do anything else without it. Just […]

Coffee Dates

Jumping Back in The Best Way I Know How – With a Cup of Coffee.

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