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You are full, but one of the first seasons in awhile that hasn’t felt “busy” – that’s something I want to hold on to.  You’ve pushed me to find joy in the little things. Things I’ve maybe taken for granted have become sacred. Morning coffee chugged to stay awake is now enjoyed slowly with my […]

What I'm Learning

A love letter of gratitude to this season of life.

Okay, the title is a little deceiving. You don’t just need one. You need lots. Like, hundreds. But that felt a little intimidating for a blog post title. A few years ago, I started intentionally practicing gratitude. What I mean by intentionally is basically that I made myself do it every day, not just on days […]

What I'm Learning

Why You Need a Good Things List.

I view birthdays as my personal New Years. This means I reflect – a lot – and write some, too. dress  At 29: You care both more and less than you ever have before. Less about the things that don’t matter – a list that seems to grow by the day – and more and about […]

What I'm Learning

A Letter to Myself: 29

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