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An empty to-do list is NOT worth an overwhelmed you. I burned myself all the way out the first half of this month, just trying to get all the things done. Here’s the thing: There are some months that you’re strong enough and full enough and in the right place to do all the things. […]

What I'm Learning

What September Taught Me.

  1. Just because something is over doesn’t mean you’ve dealt with it in the way you need to. || Anybody else guilty of trying to move RIGHT past something hard the second it’s over? This month taught me, nice try – but no. When you go through hard things, or stressful things, or overwhelming […]

What I'm Learning

What July Taught Me.

You are a success each time you choose to keep trying. || I heard John Maxwell talk about this on the Rise podcast, and he gave the example of someone celebrating graduating college. He said, “Everyone celebrates her on that day, but she didn’t just become a success when she was handed a diploma. She […]

What I'm Learning

What June Taught Me.

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