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This is typically one of my favorite weeks of the year. Basking in the glow of Christmas, reflecting on the year that’s coming to a close, looking forward to a new year with anticipation and goals. I order planners and set audacious goals and run full force into the new chapter. I look back on […]

What I'm Learning

A Different Kind of Ending.

ONE: We care way too much about the opinions of people who probably don’t even give us a second thought. It’s not worth it – do what makes you happy, and don’t steal your own happiness by worrying what anyone else thinks about it. TWO: Literally no one can argue that this year hasn’t been […]

What I'm Learning

What September Taught Me.

I usually show up the last day of the month (oops, I’m a few days late) with a list of five things I’ve learned, but today is a little different (this whole YEAR is different, right?). In July, I really feel like I learned a lot of things that all merged into one larger lesson: […]

What I'm Learning

One Big Lesson Last Month Taught Me.

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