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At the beginning of the year, I decided a fun way to capture memories would be to roundup the bright spots at the end of each month. What a weird time to be typing out a list of bright spots.   I am normally the very definition of an eternal optimist, always looking for the good. […]

What I'm Learning

Bright Spots: March 2020.

If you follow me on instagram, you saw this caption yesterday morning: “This weekend was a doozy. I got food poisoning from my favorite sushi restaurant (WHAT A BETRAYAL) and spent all of saturday in bed. but yesterday, I had the best day with jack. we watched cheesy Christmas movies, decorated Christmas cookies, and stayed […]

What I'm Learning

Finding Ways to be Thankful for a Year That Hurt Me.

That caring what other people think is a choice. I can’t explain what happened at the end of this month, but this just clicked for me. This is something I struggle with SO much, and as I was (overthinking) about it, something popped into my brain like, “you know that giving this so much attention is […]

What I'm Learning

What October Taught Me.

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