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  1. Nadine says:

    It is so sad to see all the devastation in Florida. I am glad you guys didn’t see much of it in your area. I definitely love this time of the year more than any other. The last three months are always a blur and I want to slow down and enjoy as much of it as I can.

  2. SMD says:

    Let’s enjoy despite. Let’s enjoy in the face of.

    The delicate tension of living and feeling so many things at once.

    Great reminder.

  3. Audrey says:

    I feel this so deeply. So much beauty and brokenness. I love this time of year, but there’s a looming sadness. A melancholy that also deserves a little attention and respect. The beautiful things shine brighter when they’re beside the broken.

  4. Kate says:

    YES to all of this! As we just got through another storm pretty unscathed, I am filled with thankfulness. I have an overwhelming feeling of sadness as well, but also so much hope. Sending lots of love your way this season <3

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