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You know those moments that make you kind of take a step back and have a big picture view? I’m having one of those.  Today, my baby brother will become a dad. Which is like, so weird, considering that in my mind he is still definitely 12 years old. But anyway, no matter how old […]


Big Picture Thinking.

First of all, I’ve knocked a few more out of the Myron Bolitar series. I raved about this series last month, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m going to be so sad when I finish all of them! The Herd by Andrea Bartz || This was described to me as Gossip Girl meets murder […]


Books I’ve Read Recently!

Good afternoon from me and my *perfectly* frothed coffee. If you follow me on instagram, you know I upgraded my frother game last week and truly feel my life has been changed with this baby. (Dramatic? Maybe. But times are tough, we’ve got to take what we can get in the joy department OKAY!) It’s […]


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