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Good morning! I love when I get to write these in the morning when I’m actually drinking my coffee, like today. I’m drinking my pumpkin spice way too early next to Jack, who is passed out next to me snoring like a grown man. My best friend crashed with us last night, so she’s sleeping […]

Coffee Dates

A Pumpkin Spice Coffee Date.

  …I’d tell you that I just had to spellcheck the word “August” because I stared at it for too long and it didn’t look right. So, there’s that. Fill up my coffee cup, please.   …I’d tell you that I just spend two days on the lake with my favorite people. We drove way […]

Coffee Dates

An August Coffee Date.

For the first time maybe ever, I’m writing this in real time as I’m drinking my coffee, so it’s like we really are having a real-life coffee date. And don’t worry, if you’re reading it this afternoon, I’m probably also drinking coffee then, too.  First things first, if we were having coffee, you’d see that […]

Coffee Dates

A Real Time Coffee Date.

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