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April showers bring May flowers…but I hope they bring me some consistent summer weather. This hot-cold-hot-rainy business is taking my allergies on a rollercoaster I would very much like to get off of. I just dropped Jack off at school and poured a mug of honey blueberry coffee (from Target – highly recommend!)  and am under the covers, […]

Coffee Dates

April Live Blog

Gooooood morning. It’s super early and dark and quiet. Jack is still asleep, which explains that last one. I’m on my third cup of coffee and just wanted to come get some words out. I’ll be honest, all of November has kind of just blurred together. Jack’s school was shut down the first two weeks, […]

Coffee Dates

Coffee & Chats.

Good morning from me, my coffee, my snoring kid beside me, and lots of paw patrol pillows. I simultaneously wish Jack would sleep through the night and wish he would never stop waking me up because he “wants a cuddle” (CUTEST). If we were having coffee, I’d tell you. . . We had some cooler […]

Coffee Dates

An Early Morning Coffee Date

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