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Holy accidental hiatus, batman.  I didn’t plan to take so much time off, but I did, so I’m jumping back in the best way I know how – catching up with a cup of coffee. Two things:  Your mental health has to come before anything else, because you can’t do anything else without it. Just […]

Coffee Dates

Jumping Back in The Best Way I Know How – With a Cup of Coffee.

I woke up this morning to Jack yelling, “Hold you! I’m scared! Hold you!” I’m not sure if he had a nightmare, or a noise woke him up, or what happened, but he snuggled his little self alllll the way pressed up against me and flung his arms around my neck like his life depended […]

Coffee Dates

Monday Morning.

Hi! Let’s just jump right in – How are we feeling? Anxious? Annoyed? Overwhelmed? Scared? All of the above? However you’re feeling, it’s okay. There’s no rulebook here (okay, except for the actual rules from the CDC – which, please follow those). There’s no rulebook on how to feel. My friend Steph summed it up great yesterday: […]

Coffee Dates

A Virtual Coffee Date in Which We’re All at Home.

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