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  …I’d tell you that I just had to spellcheck the word “August” because I stared at it for too long and it didn’t look right. So, there’s that. Fill up my coffee cup, please.   …I’d tell you that I just spend two days on the lake with my favorite people. We drove way […]

Coffee Dates

An August Coffee Date.

For the first time maybe ever, I’m writing this in real time as I’m drinking my coffee, so it’s like we really are having a real-life coffee date. And don’t worry, if you’re reading it this afternoon, I’m probably also drinking coffee then, too.  First things first, if we were having coffee, you’d see that […]

Coffee Dates

A Real Time Coffee Date.

my new favorite top Well, first of all, if we were having a real life coffee date right now, it would mean you were also on a plane to Texas. Which would be a little weird, but that’s neither here nor there. Also, we would absolutely not be drinking airplane coffee. I had a bad […]

Coffee Dates

A Little Friday Coffee Date.

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