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You know when your house gets so messy, that it seems pointless to tidy up, because it really just needs a total overhaul? So you put off things like hanging up the laundry, because you need to clean your closet, and it doesn’t make sense to add more clothes until you clean it…which, you have […]


Give Yourself Permission to Start Fresh Before the New Year.

The magical month of October has come to a close, and NaNoWriMo 2015 is officially here. And so I wanted to tell you, blogger, writer, poet, story-teller…you can do it. Remember, the magic doesn’t lie in a month, in a deadline, or in a process. The magic lies in you. And whatever writing you are […]

Pep Talks

Happy Writing! You Can Do it.

Sometimes, I miss January. Not really January, exactly, since it’s kind of the buzzkill of all months. But I miss the motivation and enthusiasm for change that comes in January. In January, I wake up excited to tackle my to-do list. I’m motivated to examine every area of my life and see how I can […]


Any Day is a Good Day to Celebrate a Fresh Start.

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