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I want to start this off by painting a picture of my current life for you. I am in the trenches of toddlerhood, y’all. I also work (like, an actual job that requires me to do actual things) from home. My house is never all clean at once. I am rarely dressed with my hair […]

Pep Talks

Six Things I Do Every Single Day That Make My Life Better.

I’ve been thinking / reading / listening to a lot about storms lately. How they shape us, how they strengthen us. How they spit us out on the other side as warriors capable of way more than we thought we were. I love when people share their stories about their own life storms, about how […]


The Middle of The Storm.

Someone said this to me a few days ago, and it really shifted my perspective. So I wanted to pay it forward and pass it along to you too, just in case you’re like me and need someone to hit you with some truth every now and then.  If you are reading this, you are […]

Pep Talks

Just a Reminder That You Are Alive.

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