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Dear you, I hope that no matter how December has looked for you until now, that starting today, you have a magical Christmas. I hope the next few days are spent surrounded by people who love you fiercely, whether that’s in person or virtually. I hope you know you’re loved, no matter what life looks […]

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Dear You: Merry Christmas.

The majority of the people in my life right now, I did not know five years ago. My very best friend? I only met her three years ago…three years I cannot possibly imagine surviving without her. I have a moms’ night out once a month where I laugh until my stomach hurts with some women […]

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Okay I’m going to level with you, even typing that felt fake. Because WHAT A CRAPPY YEAR, am I right? Anyway, October is here, and I’ve been thinking about how that’s always the brightest spot for me. It kicks off my favorite three months of the year. We get fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It’s full […]

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