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I’ve been feeling bleh this week. Not because of any one thing, but just a bunch of things catching up to me. Feeling like I’ve gotten absolutely nothing done, but feeling exhausted at the end of the day just the same. The thing about having big dreams is they come with big to-do lists. The […]

Pep Talks

Pep Talk: Be Proud of The Small Stuff.

I want to start this off by painting a picture of my current life for you. I am in the trenches of toddlerhood, y’all. I also work (like, an actual job that requires me to do actual things) from home. My house is never all clean at once. I am rarely dressed with my hair […]

Pep Talks

Six Things I Do Every Single Day That Make My Life Better.

    I’ve been both struggling with and finding beauty in the fact that so much good and so much bad can coexist. Days full of light and days full of darkness. The heavy weight of sadness and the ease of experiencing joy.    I was visiting family the morning the news of the mass […]

Pep Talks

Light & Dark.

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