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Good morning! I am finally emerging from a week of the flu and WOW was that rough. I didn’t get around to posting any sort of end of the year (or decade!) recap, or any sort of New Year’s post, because I was too busy trying to survive influenza. Not to be dramatic, but I’m […]

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Thanksgiving is 9 days away. Christmas is in 36 days. And in just 42 days, this decade is coming to a close. (okay whew, kinda breaking a sweat writing that) If you’re anything like me, you adore the holidays. And you also know that alllll of those days are gonna be peppered with things you have to […]

Pep Talks

Savoring the Season When Life is Crazy.

If I could tell you anything today. . . I’d tell you that forgiveness is the healthiest choice you can make for yourself. || Forgiveness is NOT saying “it’s okay!” It’s not flinging the door open and letting someone back into your life. It is simply a choice to let go, to stop dwelling on […]

Pep Talks

If I Could Tell You Anything Today. . .

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