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Okay I’m going to level with you, even typing that felt fake. Because WHAT A CRAPPY YEAR, am I right? Anyway, October is here, and I’ve been thinking about how that’s always the brightest spot for me. It kicks off my favorite three months of the year. We get fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It’s full […]

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The Rest of The Year, The Best of The Year.

And, more importantly, happy start of pumpkin season. I said what I said.  I just wanted to jump on here and say: I have a good feeling about this month. I woke up on Tuesday feeling like, yay! you’re here! There’s just something about a fresh month, something about the gateway to a new season, that […]

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Happy September!

A few weeks ago, Jack was on Christmas break. I still had to work (I work remotely, if you’re new here!) and had an important phone call. He was being super loud, so I thought I’d take him on a walk with my headphones in so I could calm him down and still hop on my call. […]

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On Learning That Balance Doesn’t Exist.

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