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A few weeks ago, Jack was on Christmas break. I still had to work (I work remotely, if you’re new here!) and had an important phone call. He was being super loud, so I thought I’d take him on a walk with my headphones in so I could calm him down and still hop on my call. […]

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On Learning That Balance Doesn’t Exist.

I’m coming out of a season of hearing a lot of things said about me and people I love. Some true, some not, some a little true, some insanely off base. But that doesn’t matter, the point being, people talked. It sucked. I let it weigh on me way more than I should have. During that time, […]

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Pep Talk: Caring Less About The Opinions of Others.

Good morning! I am finally emerging from a week of the flu and WOW was that rough. I didn’t get around to posting any sort of end of the year (or decade!) recap, or any sort of New Year’s post, because I was too busy trying to survive influenza. Not to be dramatic, but I’m […]

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