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One of my best friends is getting married at a beach resort this weekend, and honestly all I ever want to do is dress like I’m at a beach resort (aka never wear real clothes) so I put a few outfits together, MADE A REEL (that was hard hahah) and wanted to share them! Lime […]


Bathing suits & Coverups – Resort Weekend!

I loooove summer. Like, a lot. There are a few things making my summer significantly better, so I thought I’d share! My lounge chair with the face hole. Listen, I know we all laughed at this when I bought it in March, but let me tell you: It’s still going strong and I am still […]

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Things Making my Summer Better

The majority of the people in my life right now, I did not know five years ago. My very best friend? I only met her three years ago…three years I cannot possibly imagine surviving without her. I have a moms’ night out once a month where I laugh until my stomach hurts with some women […]

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