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Ice roller. When I say I recommend this to everyone I know, it’s not an exaggeration. I feel like anything I use every day of my life is a solid recommendation. If you get this gift for someone, just know that every day they wake up with a headache or a puffy face, they’ll be thankful […]

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Things I Actually Own & Love That Would Make Great Gifts

Gooooood morning. It’s super early and dark and quiet. Jack is still asleep, which explains that last one. I’m on my third cup of coffee and just wanted to come get some words out. I’ll be honest, all of November has kind of just blurred together. Jack’s school was shut down the first two weeks, […]

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Good morning! How’s everyone hanging in there? If you’re trying to distract yourself from the craziness of waiting on election outcomes, you’re not alone! I distracted myself today by rounding up all my “inspired by” pictures – a series I’ve been doing on instagram – and pairing them with the Amazon links so they’d be […]


Inspired By: Amazon’s Looks for Less.

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