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Holy accidental hiatus, batman.  I didn’t plan to take so much time off, but I did, so I’m jumping back in the best way I know how – catching up with a cup of coffee. Two things:  Your mental health has to come before anything else, because you can’t do anything else without it. Just […]

Coffee Dates

Jumping Back in The Best Way I Know How – With a Cup of Coffee.

Good afternoon from me and my *perfectly* frothed coffee. If you follow me on instagram, you know I upgraded my frother game last week and truly feel my life has been changed with this baby. (Dramatic? Maybe. But times are tough, we’ve got to take what we can get in the joy department OKAY!) It’s […]


Live Blog – What Week is It?

Remember when I wrote March’s bright spots post, and said it was such a weird time to be looking for bright spots since we’d just spent half the month quarantined? Well, A WHOLE MONTH LATER…what a weird time. And also, what a perfect time to force myself to find bright spots. I need them. Bright […]

Favorite Things

Bright Spots + Favorite Things: April 2020.

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