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If there was ever a month that needed every little bit of tiny joys, it was May. Here are a few things that made my month better: Oat milk || In April, I went to what is now my absolute favorite coffee shop and had the BEST latte I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve […]

Favorite Things

Things That Made my May Better

Jack, In the cutest 30 minutes I have ever witnessed, you graduated kindergarten on Friday! One thing your teacher commented on at graduation is that you and your classmates have not had a normal first few years of education. You’ve had a lot more obstacles to overcome than most kids in kindergarten. There’s been trying […]

Mom Life

Letters to Jack: Kindergarten.

April was a FULL 30 days. I turned 30, had several road trips, got to see my family and best friends. It was beautiful. It also had a lot of real life, wow this is hard, crap being an adult kind of sucks moments. Just a reminder, the internet is a highlight reel 95% of […]

Favorite Things

Things That Made April Better.

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