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One Little Secret by Cate Holahan || Couldn’t put it down, but enjoyed reading it more than I enjoyed the way the actual plot came together. *TW: Domestic abuse.  Watching You by Lisa Jewel || A very weird thriller that kept me guessing and proved me wrong in just about every chapter. Head Over Heels by Hannah […]

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The weather was muggy this morning in a way it hasn’t been yet this year. I stepped outside and my body instantly felt sticky. I felt a wave of nostalgia, and then the weirdest thing happened. I found myself yearning for the beginning of the pandemic. For driveway dinners, where I’d set chairs up six […]

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Blue boho dress || I am obsessssssed with this. The fringe, the sleeves, all of it. This flowy Swiss dot dress || I love a good white / cream / off-white dress. Also love how flowy this is. Around here, if it’s warm enough to wear a dress, it’s WAY too warm to wear anything […]


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