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I view birthdays as my personal New Years. This means I reflect – a lot – and write some, too. dress  At 29: You care both more and less than you ever have before. Less about the things that don’t matter – a list that seems to grow by the day – and more and about […]

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A Letter to Myself: 29

The Myron Bolitar Series by Harlan Coben  I’ve read the first six of these and CANNOT get enough. I love these characters so freaking much. Don’t let the fact that these were published so long ago keep you from reading them – they’re SO good. Ridiculously lovable characters, amazing storylines, incredible writing. 10/10! Too Good […]

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April showers bring May flowers…but I hope they bring me some consistent summer weather. This hot-cold-hot-rainy business is taking my allergies on a rollercoaster I would very much like to get off of. I just dropped Jack off at school and poured a mug of honey blueberry coffee (from Target – highly recommend!)  and am under the covers, […]

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