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This week  feels very strange. Two weeks ago, we were preparing for a really horrible natural disaster – which we felt very minimal effects of. And of course, I’m so relieved about that. But it feels so weird to feel relieved when just a few hours away, there’s just complete devastation. So much of Florida will never […]

What I'm Learning

The Best of The Rest.

If we were having coffee . . . . . .We would discuss this imminent tropical storm / hurricane situation we’ve got going on. I was unaware there was even anything brewing until Friday night, when my friend got a notification on his phone that a state of emergency had been declared for the whole […]

Coffee Dates

A September Coffee Date.

Two quick things about this post: One: I am not anti-body hair. I’m anti-my own personal body hair, as in I choose to remove it because that’s what I like. I have no judgement for you if you don’t, and honestly am kind of a little jealous that I did not receive that personal preference […]

Favorite Things

Amazon Haul: Razor Burn Edition.

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