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If I could tell you anything today. . . I’d tell you that forgiveness is the healthiest choice you can make for yourself. || Forgiveness is NOT saying “it’s okay!” It’s not flinging the door open and letting someone back into your life. It is simply a choice to let go, to stop dwelling on […]

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If I Could Tell You Anything Today. . .

Happy November! I absolutely love this month. It’s the only month we get to celebrate fall things, Thanksgiving, and Christmas things! Plus, we’ve been getting some cool(er) weather down here, and it’s just felt magical. This month flies. It always does. If there are things you want to do, you’ve got to make time for them. Of course, I’ve […]

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Eight Things You Should Make Time For This Month.

That caring what other people think is a choice. I can’t explain what happened at the end of this month, but this just clicked for me. This is something I struggle with SO much, and as I was (overthinking) about it, something popped into my brain like, “you know that giving this so much attention is […]

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