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Okay, the title is a little deceiving. You don’t just need one. You need lots. Like, hundreds. But that felt a little intimidating for a blog post title. A few years ago, I started intentionally practicing gratitude. What I mean by intentionally is basically that I made myself do it every day, not just on days […]

What I'm Learning

Why You Need a Good Things List.

You know those moments that make you kind of take a step back and have a big picture view? I’m having one of those.  Today, my baby brother will become a dad. Which is like, so weird, considering that in my mind he is still definitely 12 years old. But anyway, no matter how old […]


Big Picture Thinking.

Jack, You started kindergarten last week, and it’s both wild and normal. Wild because HOW are you old enough to be in elementary school? And normal because, like I say all the time, haven’t you just always been here with me? Of course it’s time for you to start kindergarten! Once again, we’re starting a […]

Mom Life

Letters to Jack: Kindergarten.

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