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Whew, the first Monday of a new year always hits hard. It’s now Tuesday but whatever, same sentiment. I am on my third (fourth? fifth? I don’t wanna talk about it) cup of coffee of the day and just coming up from my inbox for air. It’s scary in there. Jack’s a little under the weather, […]

Coffee Dates

Live Blog: The First of 2022.

Dear you, I hope that no matter how December has looked for you until now, that starting today, you have a magical Christmas. I hope the next few days are spent surrounded by people who love you fiercely, whether that’s in person or virtually. I hope you know you’re loved, no matter what life looks […]

Pep Talks

Dear You: Merry Christmas.

You are full, but one of the first seasons in awhile that hasn’t felt “busy” – that’s something I want to hold on to.  You’ve pushed me to find joy in the little things. Things I’ve maybe taken for granted have become sacred. Morning coffee chugged to stay awake is now enjoyed slowly with my […]

What I'm Learning

A love letter of gratitude to this season of life.

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