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Good morning from me, my coffee, my snoring kid beside me, and lots of paw patrol pillows. I simultaneously wish Jack would sleep through the night and wish he would never stop waking me up because he “wants a cuddle” (CUTEST). If we were having coffee, I’d tell you. . . We had some cooler […]

Coffee Dates

An Early Morning Coffee Date

THIS WHITE HAT. Fun fact: I spent literally most of my life convincing myself I don’t look good in hats. Update: Who cares?! So now that I’m past that, when I find a hat I love, I go real hard. I’m making up for like 15 years OKAY?! Anyway, realllllly feeling this white hat for […]


Some Recent Amazon Favorites.

And, more importantly, happy start of pumpkin season. I said what I said.  I just wanted to jump on here and say: I have a good feeling about this month. I woke up on Tuesday feeling like, yay! you’re here! There’s just something about a fresh month, something about the gateway to a new season, that […]

Pep Talks

Happy September!

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