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Remember when I wrote March’s bright spots post, and said it was such a weird time to be looking for bright spots since we’d just spent half the month quarantined? Well, A WHOLE MONTH LATER…what a weird time. And also, what a perfect time to force myself to find bright spots. I need them. Bright […]

Favorite Things

Bright Spots + Favorite Things: April 2020.

February bright spots:  Getting to visit a sweet friend I hadn’t seen in three years. || Big fan of friendships that remain unchanged by time and distance. Being able to go shopping with my best friend because she lives in my town now! || And buying an array of obnoxious earrings and sunglasses (AKA my […]

Favorite Things

February Bright Spots + Favorite Things.

These Amazon pens. Big fan of felt tip pens, big fan of colorful to-do lists, big fan of Amazon. Clearly, these were real winners. This gallon jug. If you follow me on instagram, you are well acquainted with this jug. I won this in a game of dirty Santa last month, and it has become my […]

Favorite Things

My Favorite Things I Discovered in January

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