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Two quick things about this post: One: I am not anti-body hair. I’m anti-my own personal body hair, as in I choose to remove it because that’s what I like. I have no judgement for you if you don’t, and honestly am kind of a little jealous that I did not receive that personal preference […]

Favorite Things

Amazon Haul: Razor Burn Edition.

Non-material things that made my July better: Frothing oat milk to put in my coffee Standing outside and taking a few deep breaths first thing in the morning Sunset walks, holding hands with Jack Setting simple affirmations and saying them when things felt overwhelming Remembering there’s no schedule for when I have to hit certain […]

Favorite Things

Things That Made My July Better.

If there was ever a month that needed every little bit of tiny joys, it was May. Here are a few things that made my month better: Oat milk || In April, I went to what is now my absolute favorite coffee shop and had the BEST latte I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve […]

Favorite Things

Things That Made my May Better

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