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  Beeswax hair texture spray. || If you missed it, I chopped my hair last week and went way blonder. I love it. And this texture spray is the bestbestbest. First of all, it’s under four dollars (what???) which is a rare price for something that is sulfate free and cruelty free. Second of all, […]

Favorite Things

My Favorite Things I Discovered in August.

  I actually got a full night of good sleep, which is apparently something my body doesn’t know how to process anymore, so I woke up hours before my alarm thinking “are we suuuuure we’re not supposed to be doing something right now?” So here we are, with a cup of coffee and an opportunity […]

Favorite Things

Live Blog: Stranger Things and Back to School Mantras.

If you’ve followed me for more that two minutes, you probably know a good portion of my life comes from Amazon. Dresses? Amazon. Bikinis? Amazon. Reusable straws? Amazon. ALL THE EXTRA EARRINGS EVER?! Amazon, baby.   I’m SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED because Amazon finally approved my storefront! This means I can keep all the things I’m […]

Favorite Things

Amazon Storefront + Giveaway!

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