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Raise your hand if you online shopped more in 2020 than maybe the rest of your life combined (You can’t see me, but both of my hands are raised). These are my favorite things that made their way from my phone to my home:  Silicone face scrubbers: I think I like these so much because […]

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Favorite Buys of 2020

Ice roller. When I say I recommend this to everyone I know, it’s not an exaggeration. I feel like anything I use every day of my life is a solid recommendation. If you get this gift for someone, just know that every day they wake up with a headache or a puffy face, they’ll be thankful […]

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Things I Actually Own & Love That Would Make Great Gifts

Remember when I wrote March’s bright spots post, and said it was such a weird time to be looking for bright spots since we’d just spent half the month quarantined? Well, A WHOLE MONTH LATER…what a weird time. And also, what a perfect time to force myself to find bright spots. I need them. Bright […]

Favorite Things

Bright Spots + Favorite Things: April 2020.

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