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I loooove summer. Like, a lot. There are a few things making my summer significantly better, so I thought I’d share! My lounge chair with the face hole. Listen, I know we all laughed at this when I bought it in March, but let me tell you: It’s still going strong and I am still […]

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Things Making my Summer Better

This hilarious mug. || I bought mugs for my parents with Jack’s awkward school photos on them for Christmas, and totally forgot I had ordered one for myself as well! I found it when I was cleaning my closet out this week and I can’t stop laughing. This scrub and this scrubber || I’ve been […]

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Last Month’s Favorites

Raise your hand if you online shopped more in 2020 than maybe the rest of your life combined (You can’t see me, but both of my hands are raised). These are my favorite things that made their way from my phone to my home:  Silicone face scrubbers: I think I like these so much because […]

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Favorite Buys of 2020

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