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April was a FULL 30 days. I turned 30, had several road trips, got to see my family and best friends. It was beautiful. It also had a lot of real life, wow this is hard, crap being an adult kind of sucks moments. Just a reminder, the internet is a highlight reel 95% of […]

Favorite Things

Things That Made April Better.

Hi from me, who just found out via phone call with my mom that this weekend is the last weekend before Thanksgiving, so I am currently coming to terms with that. Like, what? What a weird, stupid fast, insanely slow year. I digress.  It’s been a bit since I posted my recent favorites, and I’ve got some […]

Favorite Things

Recent Favorite Things

I loooove summer. Like, a lot. There are a few things making my summer significantly better, so I thought I’d share! My lounge chair with the face hole. Listen, I know we all laughed at this when I bought it in March, but let me tell you: It’s still going strong and I am still […]

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Things Making my Summer Better

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