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Since we’re friends, I’m going to let you in on the reason I switched to clean beauty and skincare products. It had nothing to do with toxins, or wanting to be better to my body. It was for one reason and one reason only…one day, my skin decided that every single time I wore makeup, […]

Favorite Things

My Clean Beauty Skincare + Makeup Routine (on Sale!)

  These shoes and this belt. || Unless you’re brand new around here, you know that I have a fierce love of all the colorful things. Especially when it’s summertime. Sometimes you just really need to have a neon moment, you feel? These were both on sale at Target and they’re so fun. I will be wearing both of […]

Favorite Things

My Favorite Things I Discovered in July.

dress sold out, but similar one here. I’m all about starting the week on a positive note. I’m a big believer that whatever kind of day you decide you’re going to have, you will have. It’s possible to have a good day in spite of bad things going on, and it’s possible to have a […]

Favorite Things

Happy Little Moments as of Late: July.

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