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Good morning! How’s everyone hanging in there? If you’re trying to distract yourself from the craziness of waiting on election outcomes, you’re not alone! I distracted myself today by rounding up all my “inspired by” pictures – a series I’ve been doing on instagram – and pairing them with the Amazon links so they’d be […]


Inspired By: Amazon’s Looks for Less.

THIS WHITE HAT. Fun fact: I spent literally most of my life convincing myself I don’t look good in hats. Update: Who cares?! So now that I’m past that, when I find a hat I love, I go real hard. I’m making up for like 15 years OKAY?! Anyway, realllllly feeling this white hat for […]


Some Recent Amazon Favorites.

This bathing suit. I had a bachelorette celebration where we all wore black and the bride wore white, and I had every color bathing suit BUT black. I ordered this one-piece and if you are a member of the IBTC (#teamnoboobs), it is insanely flattering. The belt is so cool and makes it look so […]


My 5 Favorite Amazon Buys in July

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