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That I have a strong desire for being able to peacefully disagree. || It’s been bothering me so much lately how we, as humans, can’t seem to just disagree and move on. We have to be right, and if we’re right, then the other person must be wrong, and that’s that. And if that’s that, […]

What I'm Learning

What October Taught Me.

How in the whole wide world is October coming to a close?! Aside from a nasty little visit from the stomach flu, October was a pretty magical month, and I discovered some new favorite things:  The Beachwaver. || I have wanted to try the beachwaver forever and was so excited to finally get the chance […]


My Favorite Things I’ve Discovered in October.

“Deep breaths, you’re doing great!”  I’ve been going on walks with Jack every morning because the weather has been straight up magical. Yesterday, we passed a woman walking with a tiny little one year old, one who was just learning to walk. He was holding on to the wagon she was pulling, taking the slowest, […]

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Deep Breaths, You’re Doing Great.

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