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I found out I was having a baby three days after we had re-signed our apartment lease. Our tiny, beautiful, studio apartment. Sometimes when I say studio, people think I mean one bedroom. I do not. I mean one room…period. The kitchen, the den, the bed…all in the same room. After begging to be let […]

Mom Life

How To: Have a Baby in a Studio Apartment.

That life is short and should be celebrated. Two weeks ago, a sweet, sweet family I know suffered an incredible loss. It’s not my story to talk about, so I won’t, but I’ll say that it hugely shaped this month for me. When something that horrible happens, it’s a gut-punch. There’s no explaining it away. […]

What I'm Learning

What March Taught Me.

I turn 25 in a few weeks, so naturally I am thinking about life and what I want and what I think the next year will look like. I’ve picked out five things I really want to start doing this year.  1. Enjoying life more. I’ve recently been learning that life doesn’t have to be […]


5 Things I Want to Start Doing This Year.

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