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shirt here // bralette here  I posted a little about this earlier, and while I love me some instagram, my heart lies in this little space of the internet where I can write and write and write and no character limit can stop me!   Some real life for you: I had an allergic reaction […]

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Real Life Coming in Hot.

  He’s learning to swim. This slays me with cuteness. He’s learning to kick his feet, blow bubbles in the water, and push himself along the wall. Living in Florida, it’s just so important for him to learn how to swim…but I had no idea it was going to be so dang cute to see.   […]

Mom Life

My Favorite Things About Being a Mom This Week.

The last few times I’ve mentioned Jack, it’s been in reference to his stomach virus week. In keeping with the focusing on the good (even though it’s all good when it comes to him), I wanted to talk about the happier parts. My favorite things about being a mom right now.  He currently waves goodbye […]

Mom Life

Favorite Things About Being a Mom This Week.

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