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When we got this house, I knew I wanted a coffee bar. When I found this yellow beauty, I knew it needed to come live in my house. And then, when I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make it a coffee bar or a wine bar (how do you choose between two great loves?), […]


Make Your Life Your Happy Place.

Sometimes you celebrate because of life, and sometimes you celebrate in spite of life. Both are important.  I can survive without sugary creamer. Every now and then, I decide to really get serious about eating healthier, and I always start with my creamer. And I always fail about two days in. Because I love flavored creamer.  […]

What I'm Learning

What June Taught Me.

t w e n t y – f i v e  Happy birthday to the love of my life! Your twenty-fourth year was a big one. The last six months alone have been insane. We have:  had a baby.  gone through match day.  gone through the house hunting and house buying process.  made it to […]


Happy Birthday, My Love

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