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April felt like such a long month in the very best way. It was so full, I can hardly believe we only had four weeks of it. I love when months are like that. Goodbye April. GOODBYE, MEDICAL SCHOOL! Clearly, I’m only a little excited about this. Goodbye, birthday month. You were super fun. And […]


Goodbye April, Hello May.

I can do hard things. See also: Jack is teething. I realize that this sounds silly-people do hard things every day, and I’m comparing a baby growing teeth, as all humans do, to hard things. You can laugh, it’s cool. But teething Jack is a fussy, clingy, sleepy-but-won’t-sleep baby. It’s so sad, and I wish […]

What I'm Learning

What April Taught Me.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that house hunting is both exciting and terrifying. And that it moves quickly and slowly at the same time. The thought of committing to one house for such a long time is a little bit scary and a whole lot thrilling. I can’t wait to make a […]

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