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  I actually got a full night of good sleep, which is apparently something my body doesn’t know how to process anymore, so I woke up hours before my alarm thinking “are we suuuuure we’re not supposed to be doing something right now?” So here we are, with a cup of coffee and an opportunity […]

Favorite Things

Live Blog: Stranger Things and Back to School Mantras.

via Good morning! Sometimes, when I’m dealing with writer’s block and have no idea what to write next (like after a deep and heavy post like Wednesday’s), I like to sit down with a cup of coffee and just type out a post in live-time. Welcome! Who else had a long weekend? Anyone else spend […]


Coming in Live: All the Random Things.

For the first time maybe ever, I’m writing this in real time as I’m drinking my coffee, so it’s like we really are having a real-life coffee date. And don’t worry, if you’re reading it this afternoon, I’m probably also drinking coffee then, too.  First things first, if we were having coffee, you’d see that […]

Coffee Dates

A Real Time Coffee Date.

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