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Most anything I write ends up in some sort of digital format. Blog posts and poems and stories and ideas…they all end up either displayed on the internet or living in a Word document on my computer. But almost everything is written down in a notebook first. Good old-fashioned pen and paper just inspire me […]


A Cup of Coffee and A Blank Page.

via Mondays get a bad rep.  It’s true–the day that takes away free time and not having to set an alarm probably isn’t anyone’s favorite. But I’ve started liking Mondays more and more lately.  Mondays are a fresh start. They’re the beginning of a brand new week. They’re full of potential and ideas and dreams, […]


Mondays are for Fresh Starts & Free Stuff.

Falling in love.  Laughing at absolutely everything.  Celebrating friendships.  Trying new things.  Rooftop selfies. Entirely too many pictures. Putting off your entire weekend to-do list until Monday, where it belongs. Re-watching your favorite episodes of old shows. Making mistakes and laughing at yourself.  Spending all day laying by the pool.  Coffee.  A lot of it.  […]



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