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Mondays are for fresh starts, new dreams, second third cups of coffee, and winning some free money.  The Girl who Loved to Write | Meg in Training | Believe in the Sparks | Rad Maverix {the farmer’s wife} | As the Wine Cork Turns Classy Living | september FARM Heaven with a Wild Side | […]


Mondays Are For Free Money.

1.  Christopher takes his board exams tomorrow.  Which means the six weeks of crazy intense studying is over and I can actually hang out with my husband again. Movie nights!  Date nights!  I’M SO EXCITED. 2. Megan put this picture on instagram yesterday.  That’s her horse dog reading my book.  He liked it, duh. 3. […]


Happy to Be Alive, Because: Cinco de Mayo & Dogs Reading.

And maybe some pink, too. I know it’s a few days late, but the Pretty Lovely Littles February collection is ready, and it’s safe to say I’m just the slightest bit obsessed. I think it’s pretty obvious that I was inspired by a certain holiday coming up, but really, how could you not be?  It’s […]


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