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This week starts my favorite month of the entire year. I’ve been giddy (<–I erased that and tried to think of a different word that maybe didn’t sound like a child in an early 1900’s novel, but it’s true–I’ve been straight up giddy, yo) since waking up yesterday morning because this week is going to […]


Happy to be Alive, Because: Best. Week. Ever.

1. Gatsby has his own tiny pumpkin. He thinks it’s the greatest thing that has ever happened to him and is carrying it around with him. I melt. 2. Toy Story 4 is happening. Buzz + Woody forever. 3. I’ve started planning my Christmas list and there are few things that make me happier than […]


Happy to be Alive, Because: Tiny Pumpkins + High Word Counts.

1. It’s October. The best month ever. Coming soon: November and December. We’re on the up and up, guys. 2. It’s the weekend. This really needs no explanation. 3. I have a puppy (fox?) who likes to watch the sunrise. And it’s just the sweetest thing. My heart is happy. 4. I’m spending my morning […]


Oh Hey, Friday! 5 Reasons I’m Just Happy to be Alive Today.

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