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According to my phone’s camera roll, part five of 2018 looked a lot like… …baby naps on the boat. …trips to Cedar Key. …walks around the neighborhood with Jack actually walking instead of riding in his stroller. …lots of outside time (before the 8,432 days of rain came). …dinners at Lucky’s, where Jack wanted to […]


Love You, 2018: Part 5

To focus on the things that are in my control. I’m pretty sure this has been on a “what I learned this month” list before, so obviously I still have more to learn about it. But I thought a lot about it this month. I’m the kind of person who can drive myself crazy thinking […]

What I'm Learning

What May Taught Me.

This flamingo water bottle. It was $3 in the Target dollar spot! I can’t find it online to link to it, but it’s still at Target.  Macadamia nut milk. I fully credit this (and also my stubborness) for being able to quit sugary creamer so fast.  Lucky’s. I discovered Lucky’s Market this month and hello, […]

Favorite Things

My Favorite Things I Discovered in May.

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