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To be a good friend. I have some friends who just went above and beyond in showing me love over the last few months, and it was so needed. Not only that, but it’s really challenged me this month to actively try to be a better friend. To pick up the phone more, to not […]

What I'm Learning

What August Taught Me.

As summer winds down (which I’m sad about, for the first time in maybe my whole life), I feel so thankful for the things I got to do and the adventures I got to have. One of my favorite parts of this summer was getting to take Jack to the beach and see him love […]

Mom Life

The Beach With a Toddler: What You Really Need.

Thrift store shopping. It has ruined me. I got this entire outfit for $10 last week, and the shorts still had the tags on. I can’t pay full price for anything now without feeling like I’m getting majorly ripped off (because I probably am). If you’re near Gainesville, you need to go to Sandy’s. If […]


Things I Believe in This Week.

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