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What was your favorite part of summer when you were younger and summers actually meant something different? The relaxing? The go-go-going? Having friends over? Neighborhood BBQs? Whatever your answer, make time for that in July.  Sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) months come and go and life rushes by. But every now and then, you […]

Pep Talks

A Pep Talk for Your July.

Make your own freaking sunshine. I wish I meant this literally, because it’s still raining every single day here, but alas, I mean it figuratively. Sometimes, if you’re having a bad day/week/month you can just wait on circumstances to change, or you can count on someone else to make you happy. And sometimes, you can make […]

What I'm Learning

What June Taught Me.

Lots of little things that aren’t necessarily worthy of their own blog posts happen all the time. Sometimes, enough of these happen that I just sit down with a hot cup of coffee (okay, I’m on my second as we speak. To be honest, not too far from my third) and tell you about all of […]

Coffee Dates

Catching Up.

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