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When I saw The Lady Okie‘s post about this, I immediately thought it was genius.  I love the idea of bucket lists, but so often don’t put something on there because it just seems sad to put something there that you’re pretty sure will never happen.  Also, it’s easy to look at other people’s lives and […]


Reverse Bucket List

{I will start this off by saying this will not be another post about Miley Cyrus.  So, you’re welcome for that.} I wish that I would have kept count of how many blogs/instagrams/tweets I’ve seen in the last few days talking about Miley’s interesting (?) VMA performance.  Everyone and their mother has had an opinion, […]


Talk about good things.

Whether you’re going back to school, have little ones going back to school, or have nothing to do with school whatsoever, August always feels both terribly exciting and a little sad.  You’re starting a new season, but saying goodbye to the summer.  Whatever season of life you’re in, here’s a giveaway to make your August […]


Back to School Giveaway!

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