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“Sometimes you’re the dog, sometimes the tree.” That’s Cam Eubanks’ instagram bio and I laugh every time I see it, and every time I read it, it reminds me of parenthood.  Let me paint you a picture of my Saturday.  On my way to meet my friend Sam at the mall, Jack passed our hard. This […]


Sometimes You’re The Dog, Sometimes You’re The Tree.

I used to be really good at documenting the funny, sometimes bizarre things that tend to happen to me. My friends always make fun of the awkward situations (and people) I seem to attract. I thought it’d be fun to round some of those up.  One: I was meeting Sam for lunch a few weeks ago (when […]


Some Funny Things as of Late.

Let’s kick today off with a little story…not for the faint of heart.  Yesterday, Chris had to work, so I took Jack to church by myself. Sometimes this goes great, and sometimes I barely make it fifteen minutes, but I at least like to try. He drinks an entire bottle at once (very unusual) as […]

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From The Cutting Room Floor: September 2016

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