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Last year, I was talking to my dad in the middle of a BAD month. It felt like the world was falling apart and nothing was going right and I couldn’t catch a break. He had a lot of good advice, but the simplest thing he said is something I’ve held onto and used ever […]


Looking Forward.

I’d venture to say last week was a heavy week for almost everyone. The damage this hurricane has caused is truly awful. The political climate is  r o u g h. Just lots of heavy, hard things.  I posted on instagram a little while ago about giving the good airtime. The general gist being that […]

Pep Talks

Give The Good Some Airtime.

shirt Some of my favorite blog comments are when someone mentions my positivity. I’m an eternal optimist and always have been, but I still try really hard to make sure my life is a happy place. I think making an effort to be a positive person is something that can make your life exponentially better. […]


Life is Far Too Short to Be Anything Other Than Deliriously Happy.

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