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  August is this beautiful pause in the year. Not quite all summer, not quite all fall. It’s still roughly ten million degrees outside, but the stores are filled with back to school supplies. I love this month. It’s full of my favorite summer things with the slowly creeping in anticipation that all my favorite […]

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Welcoming August.

  “To not dance when you had the health and could hear the music could be the biggest regret of your life.”   I read that quote this week and it got me RIGHT in the feels. I think we should remember that this weekend.   Don’t get so bogged down with life that you forget […]

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Some Weekend Inspiration: Dance While You Can.

  Just wanna start out by saying this is one of my BIGGEST struggles in life, so I’m 10,000% preaching to the choir here. But this is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently.   Who would you be if you cared a little less about what other people think?    I think we […]

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Who Would You be if You Cared a Little Less About What Other People Think?

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