My Favorite Things I Discovered in September.

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  1. Kait says:

    Okay first things first — your blog appeared in my reader! Now, I need to try that pumpkin chai, because I am ALL OVER that pumpkin cold brew. I’m working on a dupe using coconut cream and Nutpods. Stay tuned!

  2. Laurie says:

    I’m still loving that texture spray you sold me on! And bring on all the pumpkins and coffee!!

  3. I just tried the pumpkin cream cold brew this weekend and holy cow was it delicious!

  4. Yes indeed to the Pumpkin Cream Cold brew, so good. I am going to use your tip next time!

    • Chelsea Jacobs says:

      It’s so good that way if you’re in the mood for something a little less sweet!

  5. Jordyn says:

    I love that half of these discoveries revolve around coffee…I can relate, hehe. Also I really need to try the Kristin Esss signature gloss!

  6. OBSESSED with the pumpkin cream cold brew.

  7. I am obsessed with the pumpkin cream cold brew! It’s a treat that I LOVE so much. I’ll be sad when they stop making it. I’ve almost used that Kristin Ess product so many times before but have been nervous! Now I’ll for sure try it.

    • Chelsea Jacobs says:

      I’m already sad about it being gone, too! Girl YES! I was nervous to try it but it turned out so pretty!!

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