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Dear 2017,  I’m gonna level with you here. You sucked in a LOT of ways. It’s almost as if you heard me saying good riddance to 2016, calling it the worst year, and you were hovering right there and thought, “What’s that? A challenge?” So yeah, you sucked in a lot of ways. But you […]


Dear 2017.

That I need to slow down more. The Friday before Christmas, I spent the day at the beach with my family. No big special occasion, no plan, just beach chairs and publix subs (THE best) and watching Jack eat sand by the shovel-fulls. It was so relaxing and refreshing, especially in the middle of the go-go-go […]

What I'm Learning

What December Taught Me.

And just like that, the Christmas season comes to a close. I just couldn’t let the season officially end without sharing this picture that will probably have me laughing for the rest of my life. For the second year in a row, Jack hated Santa…but the real winner here is Santa’s face. I cry.  A few […]


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