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Goodbye, September.  Goodbye, summer. You were one for the books, and it makes my heart actually ache to think about how full of adventures you were and how much I’m going to miss you.  Goodbye to surviving my first big hurricane. Cheers to making it work and cheers to (please?) never doing it again.  Goodbye, […]


Goodbye September, Hello October.

Okay, it’s fall, I get it. But it’s still 90 degrees here, which means I’m still thinking about the beach and summer and all the fun places I got to go during this one. One of my favorite new-to-me experiences was going to The Outer Banks. I loved all of it, but here are four […]


4 Things You Need to Do in The Outer Banks.

“You’re a really good friend. I appreciate all you do and I love you.”  I got this text a few days ago and it made my day. Why? Because we all like to be seen, and loved, and appreciated.  You know how long it probably took my friend to type that text out? Maybe fifteen […]

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