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When Sam and I first started planning our road trip, we looked at a map of the east coast and all the places we could go. We landed on Virginia Beach because one, I’d never been, and two, it was far enough away from Florida to be completely different, but we could still make it […]


East Coast Road Trip: Founders Inn & Spa.

To just freaking go. If you follow me on here or anywhere else, this one’s pretty obvious. But I did a lot of just going this month, and it was so worth it. SO WORTH IT. I wrote a full post about it here, but in summary: Life is short. If you want adventure, go […]

What I'm Learning

What July Taught Me.

From my house to our destination (Founders Inn and Spa…the most gorgeous place that I can’t wait to tell you about!) was a 10-hour car ride. So it’s safe to say, I now consider myself a professional when it comes to road tripping. These are the things I either found myself super happy we thought […]


Road Trip Essentials.

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