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Goodbye, 2015.  Goodbye to a year I never saw coming. Goodbye to the last year of being a party of two. Goodbye to med-school…to classes and studying and tests. Goodbye to interview season…to adventuring and trying to picture ourselves living new places. Goodbye to being pregnant…to morning sickness that pretty much lasted my whole pregnancy. […]


Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

Dear 2015, Where do I even start? You were, by far, the best and weirdest year of my life. I set out for this year to be all about me–I wanted to say yes and be brave and experience and adventure–and less than halfway through the year, that came to a halt as my life […]


Dear 2015.

What. A. Year.  The third year of marriage was nothing like I expected, but it was the best so far. There were lots of ups and downs, lots of good times and bad times, lots of in sickness and in health. Most of all, there was teamwork-we’re a team when it’s time to work through […]


Three Years of Marriage.

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