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I have this shirt that I snagged out of my dad’s giveaway pile when I was thirteen. It says, “feel free to change the world.” I’m not sure where it came from–a conference or a concert, maybe. Either way, I still have it. I’ve always loved wearing it–it’s over a decade old and it’s perfectly soft […]


Feel Free to Change the World.

Part one here and part two here. Wake up ten minutes earlier so you can enjoy a cup of coffee in bed. Watch a sunrise or a sunset at least once a week.  Every once in a while, buy yourself something totally impractical that you don’t need whatsoever. If you have stuff in your house you […]


Happy Life Advice: Part Three

Life is going to throw you days that really suck.  I pride myself in being a really positive person and always focusing on the good in things.  But sometimes, there are going to be days, or weeks, or months that just totally suck.  You heard it here, from the girl laid up in bed with […]


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