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Happy Wednesday, beautiful people! Today is a brand new day full of so much potential. It has the ability to be a starting point of something new, if you want it to be. Today can be the day you look back on and realize that was the day you started something really great. It can […]



I’m back! And apparently my blog post letting you guys know I was going awol didn’t actually post..so, sorry about that. I’ve been in Haiti!  I went on a medical trip there with my husband (a medical student), and we were a part of a team that pretty much set up a little clinic in […]


Well hello there.

I moved to Florida with my family to start a church. Sound a little weird? Yeah, it was. Mostly because, like a lot of people, I always thought about churches as having been there forever, not having been started by a single family. Nonetheless, my parents felt called to a little town named Melbourne Beach. […]


Seven years.

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