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Dear summer,  It’s no secret how much I’ve always adored you. Fall has my heart, and Christmas is my favorite, but you are just everything good. You’re happiness and sunshine and laughter and beach days and just pure goodness.  You’ve been such a gift already this year. You’ve been full of sunshine and pool days […]


Dear Summer : A Love Letter.

Since the beginning of March, the days I’ve gone without wearing some sort of flowers in my hair have been few and far between.  I foresee this continuing for the rest of the summer, and that makes me really happy.  Summer breaks may be a thing of the past, but I can certainly wear flower […]


With Flowers in Your Hair.

This Summer, I adventured.  A lot.   We went on a cruise.  We went on lots of Universal dates.  We went to Italy.  Just kidding.  But we went to Orlando’s version of Italy, and for the weekend, it was almost just as good. I got to have lots of date nights with this guy.  I […]


This Summer.

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