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Or, more aptly, what do you think Jesus is like? I think so many people have a perception of God, big and angry, sitting on a throne in heaven just waiting for the opportunity to strike us down with lighting bolts of wrath whenever we mess up. Why? I’ll admit that I sometimes catch myself […]


Who do you think Jesus is?

There are days where I feel like where I want to be is so far away from where I actually am.  Weeks that are so busy, I feel like I should receive a worst wife of the year award for all the things I didn’t get done.  Days where work is so stressful that when […]


Higher than I.

I had an amazing time celebrating yesterday, as I know the majority of America did. my amazing parents. fourth of july snuggles.  just chillin’ in the pool, no big.  Why did we celebrate? Well, most of us were taking advantage of a day off. But the reason we celebrate? We celebrate our freedom. We live […]



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