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week one // week two // week three  And so we’ve arrived at the final week of pursuing daily happiness through little actions. I have enjoyed this so much! One thing I’ve learned is that sometimes, when I’m looking to make a life change, I feel like I have to do a huge overhaul right this […]


Project Happy: Days 22-28.

A moment of complete honesty: For a myriad of reasons, this has been a hard month. Really, there could not have been a better month to try the experiment of actively making yourself happier.  Halfway through, I can honestly say it’s working for me. Tiny little actions add up to make happier days, and a […]


Project Happy: Days 15-21.

Stranger Things and Back to School Mantras.

See days one-seven here. Day Eight: Do something creative. Write something or paint something or glitter something or build something. Make something for no one other than yourself. Day Nine: Treat your free time like a vacation. When you’re on vacation, do you check your work emails? Or waste time watching a TV show you […]


Project Happy: Days 8-14.

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