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One of my best friends, Kristen, is an EXTREMELY talented photographer. So when she suggested a shoot with me and my little bub and a piano in the middle of a field, I was so down. I bought outfits (complete with suspenders and a hat for Jack, because, duh), did my hair and makeup, and […]


It’s All Messy. It’s All Perfect.

June (I know it’s now August, don’t @ me) looked a lot like. . . Dinner dates and  Bubble baths and  bedhead in a tiny Tommy Bahama chair and  VACATION and  Jack’s first trip to Chuck-E-Cheese (depsite the face he’s making, he LOVED it) where he rode this ride approximately 72 times giving us approximately […]


Love You, 2018: Part 6.

According to my phone’s camera roll, part five of 2018 looked a lot like… …baby naps on the boat. …trips to Cedar Key. …walks around the neighborhood with Jack actually walking instead of riding in his stroller. …lots of outside time (before the 8,432 days of rain came). …dinners at Lucky’s, where Jack wanted to […]


Love You, 2018: Part 5

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