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Part of me feels like this year has been a long year (full of so much!) and part of me feels like, HOW has the 8th month of this year come and gone already?!  If you’re new here, once a month I go through my phone and post pictures from that month that maybe aren’t […]


Love You, 2018: Part 8.

If you’re trying to be more grateful in your life (which is something we should all be focusing on, in my opinion!) I highly recommend doing this silly little exercise. Just flipping through your phone pictures at the end of the month can really show you how much you have to be thankful for and […]


Love You, 2018: Part 7.

June (I know it’s now August, don’t @ me) looked a lot like. . . Dinner dates and  Bubble baths and  bedhead in a tiny Tommy Bahama chair and  VACATION and  Jack’s first trip to Chuck-E-Cheese (depsite the face he’s making, he LOVED it) where he rode this ride approximately 72 times giving us approximately […]


Love You, 2018: Part 6.

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