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Jack,  I’m writing this the night before your third birthday. It’s way too late for you to be napping, but you are. You’re curled up against me, breathing deep and slow and radiating so much heat that I’m starting to sweat (you’ve always been a little furnace, from day one). The simple act of watching […]


Three Years a Mom: Happy Birthday, Baby Jack.

Jack, Life with you is so slow and so fast. How are you almost three, how has that time passed so quickly? But how have you only been around for such a short time? How has time gone so slow that I feel like I’ve had you for always? How is it already your third […]


Letters to Jack: Your Third Fall.

  Jack, In two short days, you turn two! While I’m normally one to say that time flies, the past two years have felt like an eternity in the very best of ways. I feel as though I’ve already lived a lifetime of adventures and love with you already.  I’ve said it before and I’ll […]


Happy Two Years, My Little Love.

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