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I write some version of this post every year, and just like always, it’s just as much for me as for anyone who may read it.  Here we are, less than two weeks out from Christmas. Things tend to start to get a little hectic around this time, so I wanted to drop in with […]


Your Yearly Reminder to Stop & Savor.

Hi, you.  You, thriving in the holiday hustle and bustle. Or you, overwhelmed by the chaos. You, so excited that Christmas is in two weeks. You, feeling behind and like you haven’t even started the season yet.  Wherever you are, here’s your reminder to slow down, stop, and savor.  Whether this season is everything you […]


Here’s Your Reminder to Stop and Savor.

Seven Christmases ago, I spent December 22 both making a scrapbook for a boy I had only dated for six months and worrying that a scrapbook was an inappropriate gift for that early in a relationship. We exchanged gifts on December 23rd, not knowing then that we were unofficially picking a day that would always […]


Seven Christmases.

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