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Life can be rough. The world can be an ugly, terrible place at times. And we certainly talk about those times…and talk, and talk, and talk about them. When there’s bad in life, it seems like it can’t be talked about enough.  But life is also good. There are a million little reasons to be […]


Life is Good. Let’s Talk About It.

If there’s ever a time that makes me over the top happy to be alive, it’s Christmas time.  1. The Macy’s Day Parade at Universal. This is tradition, and whatever day we do this on ends up being one of my favorite days of the year. This year was no exception. A small note about […]


Happy to be Alive, Because: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

1. Christmas memories. We went to see the tree lighting last week, but ended up getting caught standing in the rain.While that normally would have been frustrating, it’s hard to get mad about something when there’s a gorgeous Christmas-tree all lit up like magic in front of you. 2. Hot Cocoa Bars.  My mom and […]


Happy to be Alive, Because: Hot Cocoa Bars & Elf.

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