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As of tomorrow, the first month of 2019 will come to an end. I hope it has been SO good to you. I hope you’ve stayed on track with any resolutions you’ve had. If, like me, you decided this year was less about resolutions and more about just living, I hope you’ve survived AND thrived. […]


Lifelong Resolutions We Should All Have.

At the beginning of every month, I write a post with ideas of how to spend the days in that month. I started doing it a few years ago out of a desire to experience more joy in the day-to-day, not just in the planned ahead trips and adventures.  Ready or not, 2019 graced us […]


Spending 2019.

I love New Year’s goals, but I always approach them differently. Sometimes I spend weeks thinking about them, sometimes I come up with a list on January 1st. Sometimes I’m extremely detailed, sometimes I just have a general idea of what I want.  This year, I wasn’t feeling like setting specific goals. Instead, I wanted […]


More & Less: 2017 vs. 2018.

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