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four years & three cities & three apartments &  one house & one dog (fox?) &  one perfect baby & one messy, wonderful life.  When we got married four years ago today, I would have never imagined our life now. To be fair, I didn’t really know that residency was a thing when we got […]


Four Years.

Seven Christmases ago, I spent December 22 both making a scrapbook for a boy I had only dated for six months and worrying that a scrapbook was an inappropriate gift for that early in a relationship. We exchanged gifts on December 23rd, not knowing then that we were unofficially picking a day that would always […]


Seven Christmases.

t w e n t y – f i v e  Happy birthday to the love of my life! Your twenty-fourth year was a big one. The last six months alone have been insane. We have:  had a baby.  gone through match day.  gone through the house hunting and house buying process.  made it to […]


Happy Birthday, My Love

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