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No Flaw Make-Up Bag by Boro Creations: $15 A makeup bag that reminds you that you’re already perfect? Every girl needs one of these.  Gentle Reminders Pencils by ACD Shop: $12 Little life mottos in mint and gold. On a pencil. Sold.  Global Hot Sauce Sampler by World Market: $20 I think any sort of […]


Creative Christmas Gifts Under $20.

Snowflake Glass Mugs by Crate and Barrel: $5 These are so cheap, you could pair them with a mini bag of hot chocolate and some marshmallows and still come in under $10! Oh Joy! Gold Cookie Cutters by Target: $6 Why wouldn’t someone want gold cookie cutters? Fruit Infused Glass Water Bottle by AdNArt: $8 I […]


Unique Gifts Under $10

‘Tis the season to be jolly.   And also to panic about Christmas gifts, frantically try to find sales, and hope you find personal gifts in time.  Well, we’ve got you covered.   This weekend is a weekend FULL of sales.  The Handmade Fair is back just in time for some Christmas shopping.  For one weekend […]


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