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A few weeks ago, I posted a “let’s get to know each other!” post with an open Q+A and also an anonymous form. NEVER AGAIN will I do anything anonymous on here! I got some good questions, but yo…people are MEAN when they can hide behind anonymity. Like, nasty mean. No thank you.  I will (obviously) […]


Q + A: Round One!

Every April (birthday month!), I kind of start reaccessing things, including my blog. I wonder if it’s still relevant, if it’s still worth the time I put into it, if I’m writing about things people actually enjoy reading.  Honestly, the answers to these questions don’t really matter, because I truly love writing here, so I’m […]


Let’s Get to Know Each Other: Q + A.

1. I am insanely afraid of whales. Not like, “Oh I think whales are scary,” but more like I get hot and clammy and anxious even talking about whales. Whenever I’m in the ocean, no matter how shallow the water is, every time my foot touches something (like, you know, the sand) my first thought […]


10 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Me.

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